Sunday, June 18, 2017

I've Said it a Thousand Times...

...I'm a terrible blogger.

*dusts off the blog*

So here's the tricky thing about maintaining a writing blog: You need to have writing-related news to share. When you hit a few speed bumps on the publication highway and you have to ride the brakes for a bit, you might not have much to say, at least until you can hit that gas pedal again.

(That's not true. You have PLENTY to say during those slowdowns. It's just that none of it is appropriate to share on a professional blog. Instead, you complain to your friends while they nod sympathetically and pour you another glass of wine.)

Things seem to be picking up speed again. I recently signed with an amazing new agent (more on him soon), and MAMMOTH is polished and out on submission (more on that soon, too). I'm planning and researching my next project (...can you guess what I'm going to say here?). I have every intention of updating this thing more regularly. Those intentions are good, and you know what they say about good intentions... But I'm going to try.

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