About Mint Conspiracy

My indie design company, Mint Conspiracy, has existed in various incarnations since 2005. I began selling on Etsy in 2006; since then my Etsy shop has been Mint Conspiracy's home base. In addition to Etsy, I'm in the process of setting up shops on other venues. I'm also happy to discuss private sales for those who don't wish to buy through Etsy.

Mint Conspiracy's main focus is on monsters. Big monsters, small monsters, furry monsters, sweet 'n' cuddly monsters, monsters with gaping maws and sharp teeth. I'm inspired by bright colors and gorgeous textures; my aesthetic combines professional quality with careful reminders that each monster is lovingly handmade. I love deliberate simplicity, and how a few mindful details can add outstanding personality to relatively simple designs. I'm also crazy for cute.

I work almost exclusively in synthetics -- acrylic fur, polyester fleece, plastic eyes. Although my work is sturdy and strong, I create it mainly for a collector audience -- adults and older children. My handmade items are meant for ages 13+.

Any Mint Conspiracy-related inquiries may be sent to mintconspiracy (at) gmail-dot-com.