Monday, April 9, 2012

The Road to Publication: Part Ten

[This is part 10 of a summary of Spookygirl’s journey toward publication. Use the Progress tag to access all related entries.]

I promised a biggie, didn't I? How's this?

ARCs have landed! Or galleys, or proofs, or whatever you prefer to call them. I AM HOLDING MY BOOK IN MY HANDS. It's really, really gorgeous in person; I couldn't be more pleased.

When I picked up the package from the post office, I had to sit in my car in the parking lot for a good ten minutes before I stopped shaking enough to drive. I only got a few copies, but when we're a little closer to the release date, I'm hoping to hold a giveaway for one. Keep an eye out!

You know, it was just last April that I blogged about winning an ARC of Small Persons with Wings. I never imagined that, a year later, I'd take a similar photo holding my very own book.